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Discover Kitehouse, where innovative design meets sustainability. Our polycarbonate modular homes redefine modern living with a focus on transparency, strength, and eco-friendliness. Each space is crafted to be a beacon of sustainable architecture, offering a unique blend of comfort and design. Embrace the future of living with Kitehouse.


Eco-Friendly Homes with Polycarbonate: Choose Your Model from XS to XXL for a Tailored Living Experience.

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Greenbizz.brussels - KITEHOUSE SRL - BE 0764.398.503

Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre, 17 1020 Brussels

info (at) d44.be


  • If you are wondering if polycarbonate is environmentally friendly, we have got you covered. Well, we can say it is relatively environmentally friendly. It certainly checks off some of the requirements for environmentally friendly materials. For one, it is highly sustainable. Polycarbonate is a plastic substance that can be heated to its melting point, and at this point, it can be reshaped and repurposed. This is an excellent attribute because it means that we can recycle our polycarbonate items.

    - Is Polycarbonate Environmentally Friendly? -
  • Well, we can say that since polycarbonate meets the sustainability test, it is environmentally friendly. Also, since we can recycle it, production occurs only occasionally, so we don’t have to worry about constant environmental pollution.

    - https://www.conserve-energy-future.com/is-polycarbonate-recyclable.php -
  • Polycarbonate Brilliance: Swift Construction, Enduring Results with Kitehouse.be

    - kitehouse.be -
  • Sustainable Harmony: Kitehouse is rooted in a commitment to eco-friendly living. Our use of recyclable, energy-efficient polycarbonate reflects a vision for sustainability. Kitehouse seamlessly blends modern comfort with environmental responsibility

    - kitehouse.be -
  • Polycarbonate as a material blocks almost the entire relevant UV spectrum, meaning both UVA and UVB. The material absorbs UV radiation and does not allow it to be transmitted through.

    - Does polycarbonate protect from UV? -
  • “Doing more with less”

    - Buckminster Fuller -